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We're thrilled to have you as part of our Stephenville yoga community. We put together this brief overview about the styles of yoga we offer. Please take a few moments to review...or better yet, try out the classes!
Hatha Yoga and Its Benefits

Hatha Yoga is the ancient practice of physical postures, breath work, and meditation for overall physical and mental health. Our studio explores the basic practices taught in many Hatha Yoga classes.

While Hatha benefits people in different ways, it is generally found to strengthen and tone muscle as well as balance metabolism. Regular practitioners of yoga often experience a greater sense of energy, focus, balance, and find it easier to relax.

Check our class schedule for Hatha offerings.

Easy Flow / Gentle Yoga and Its Benefits

Striking a happy medium of Hatha and a flow class, this style of yoga is perfect for students seeking a boost of movement and stretching in their day without over exerting themselves.

Mellow class sequencing allows students to relax into the pose, releasing tension from their body.

Check our class schedule for Gentle Yoga offerings.

Kundalini Yoga and Its Benefits

The ancient yogic practice of Kundalini blends mantra, pranayama, asana, and mudra to achieve a meditative state. 

Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan is meant to be a “householders” yoga. Meaning it’s perfect for everyone in their everyday life. No matter the age, shape or level of fitness, Kundalini can be practiced. And just as no two people are the same, no two classes are the same. Always something new and different to be experienced.

Check our class schedule for Kundalini Yoga offerings.

Mudra Meditation
Restorative Yoga and Its Benefits

One of the nicest things you can do your your body and mind is invest 45 minutes of your day for a Restorative Yoga class!

Restorative Yoga lets to effortlessly enjoy a handful of poses by utilizing blankets, bolsters, and blocks to allow your body to relax into these supported asanas. Students will hold each pose for 5 to 7 minutes, and classes still will close with a Savasana.

Check our class schedule for Restorative Yoga offerings.

Vinyasa Yoga and Its Benefits

Vinyasa classes are vibrant, sequenced sessions that offer the variety not found in Ashtanga. Our instructors craft an invigorating flow that challenges your body and mind to keep pace with this fast class. 

Check our class schedule for Vinyasa Yoga offerings.

Warrior One
Yin Yoga and Its Benefits

Focusing on your connective tissues - fascia, tendons, ligaments - Yin Yoga is a meditative class where students hold poses for several minutes at a time. This helps to improve both flexibility and circulation for the yogi. It also is an excellent opportunity for the student to bring awareness to their pranayama and meditation practices.

We currently offer two Yin classes - one short form (45 minutes) and one long form (90 minutes).

Check our class schedule for Yin offerings.

Looking for Something Else?
We're constantly evaluating our class offerings, tailoring our schedule to our students' requests! Let us know if you're looking for more class options in any of these styles by reaching out below. Namaste!

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